Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers to some of the Most common questions we get asked.

Drug and Alcohol Testing For Businesses

Does New York Drug Testing have both male and female collection Specialists?

Yes we have both male and female collections specialsts.  You can also request a male or female for your colletions or both.

What is the difference between using New York Drug Testing or sending my employees to a lab to be tested?

New York Drug Testing offers the same services a brick an mortar lab does.  The differnce is, we come directly to you and there is no need to send employees off-site to be tested saving hours being testing takes minutes and is available to you 24/7/365.

What labs does New York Drug Testing work with?

New York Drug Testing has contracts with LabCorp, Quest and CRL but can collect for any lab as long as we or you have a chain of custody from the lab you choose.

I have employees who work after hours and on weekends, can you cover testing after hours or weekends?

New York Drug testing is open and ready 24/7/365,  We try our best to have a collector at your location within 2 hours day or night.

I have both DOT and Non-DOT employees can I test both?

New York Drug Testing offers both DOT and Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing.  We can and will accomidate any request.

Personal, Court Ordered, Family Drug and Alcohol Testing

Judge ordered I get a Hair Follicle Drug Testing.

New York Drug Testing offers Hair Follicle Drug and Alcohol Testing.  We currently have 5, 9 and 12 panel drug tests.  PA Drug testing now offers segmented Hair follicle Drug testing.

Do you take insurance to cover drug and alcohol testing?

We are a private pay service and currently accept cash, credit cards and checks.

I think my family member is using can I get them tested?

As long as they are willing to be tested and sign the papers that we have to allow us to test thenn yes we can certainly handle it.

Can I get a rapid/instant drug test and how accurate are they?

New York Drug Testing offers a variety of rapid drug testing and the company who supplies the tests are well respected company with over 90% accuracy.

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