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New York Drug Testing, One of the best

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

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To Provide the tools, research and solutions to business and families alike the means to live and work in a drug and alcohol free enviorment.

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To help bring affordable drug and alcohol testing to anyone or business that needs drug and alcohol testing in a timely and professional manner,

Michael Baldwin

Story about US

I started New York Drug Testing in 2015 and immediately felt a need to be able to bring Drug and Alcohol Testing right to the businesses and individuals seeking the service right to their door and most importantly make it affordable for anyone seeking testing.

I was raised in Pennsylvania and have witnessed several classmates and friends loose the battle to addiction.  Which it has since become a real problem not only in my home state by nationwide.

2015 arrived and I have always worked in the healthcare industry and I decided on July 2nd 2015 I would start a new chapter of my life.

I left what I knew and was good at and Started Work Safely Mobile Testing.  My idea was instead of having Businesses and people go to a Brick and Mortar Locations why not bring testing to them at a less expensive cost but at the same time delivering the same if not better services.

Work Safely Mobile Testing started to offer DOT and Non-DOT drug and Alcohol Testing to start and had a contract with one national Lab.

In 2016, we signed up with a 2nd National lab and started doing Hair follicle Drug Testing in addition to basic DOT and Non-DOT Testing.

Neat the end of 2016 we have been getting requests for Instant/Rapid Testing which we started offering that service by the end of 2016.

Business was continuing to grow and we started receiving calls from other states such as New York, New Jersey and Maryland.

Since Work Safely Mobile Testing was started in 2015 we have expanded across our borders and created PA Drug Testing, New York Drug Testing, Connecticut mobile drug testing, Local Mobile Drug Testing and On-Site PA Drug Testing.

Throughout the business expanding and growing the same goal was always number one and that was,  make testing affordable to everyone who needed or wanted testing and make it available 24/7/365.

You may ask what keeps us going?  Than Answer is simple.  If we can help one person get help and take back their life away from drugs and/or alcohol and realize that there is so much more in this world than that then we did our job.  We may never know if that ever happens but I believe we already have accomplished that goal and will continue our journey to bring testing where testing is needed at an affordable price for anyone who wants testing can get it.

Thanks again to everyone who has made this goal and belief possible ; who have continued to support my little company and have exceeded my expectations…I hope I’ve exceeded yours.

The Best to the Best ~


Michael Baldwin


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