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With Drug testing starting at $35.00 (DOT and Non-DOT) and Alcohol Testing starting at $25.00 (DOT and Non DOT) and finally being 100% mobile there is no better choice.

DOT Drug and alcohol Testing

Anyone designated in DOT regulations as a safety-sensitive employee is subject to DOT drug & alcohol testing. What follows is an overview of what jobs are defined as safety-sensitive functions subject to testing


Workplace Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing

Workplace Non-DOT drug and alcohol testing is one action an employer can take to determine if employees or job applicats are using drugs or alcohol.  It is designed to identify evidence of recent use of Drugs or Alcohol use.

Personal/Family Drug and Alcohol Testing

Families concider drug and alcohol testing to support a specific reason.  For example, a family may want to use a hair follicle test to reconfirm negative use.  Give children and excuse for not using when approched by others.  Instant/Rapid testing is a good start.

Why Choose New York Mobile Drug & Alcohol Testing?

New York Mobile Drug Testing has been in business since 2015 and we started this company on the principle of helping others and companies achieve a drug free workplace not becoming rich.  That is why our prices are between 20% to 60% lower than other labs and testing companies

New York Drug Testing info

DOT and Non -DOT Drug Testing

+ Includes

Testing includes Collection, Lab Testing and MRO services starting at $35.00

Rapid/Instant Testing

+ Includes

Used for Non-DOT Testing and comes in 5,7,9,10 and 12 panels.  Starts at $25.00

We also offer synthetic nstant/Rapid testing for synthetics such as K2, Spice and others.  Prices vary per synthetic drug tested.   


Alcohol Testing

+ Includes

All alcohol tests are performed with an Federally approved Breath Alcohol Test (Alcovisor Mark V or Lifeloc machines).  Testing starts at $25.00

ETG, Hair Follicle and Oral Testing

+ Includes

ETG testing starts at $51.00

Hair Follicle tests come in a 5,9 or 12 panel and starts at $100.00

Oral testing varies on what you are requiring the be tested and weather you want instant or lab based.  Prices start at $25.00

What you can expect from other labs and  companies like ours.

We pride ourselves with providing you the bottom line and guarantee that there will be no hidden fees or special charges added after the services were performned.

    • Onsite Fees starting at $100.00
    • Signing Fees starting at $35.00
    • Seperate fees for Collection, Lab Testing and MRO Services
    • Non-Local Collectors
    • Long Lines and wait times results is loss of production hours.
    • Limited hours 
    New York Drug Testing choices

    Included with Testing

    • Collection of Specimum
    • Lab Testing Fees
    • MRO Services (medical Review officer)

    Set-Up Services with us

    • Call 800-539-4934 or email us
    • Tell us your needs
    • Tell us a time to be onsite and we are ready 24/7/365

    Included with Testing

    • Professional and federal approved Speciaslists
    • State of the art Equipment
    • Local, Local, Local



    • Binghamton
    • Poughkeepsie
    • Middletown
    • Albany
    • Several additional locations throughout New York State


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